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Growth Partner

We are the visionary founders of a digital marketing enterprise. With a fusion of talents spanning over 10 countries, our multidisciplinary team thrives on innovation and collaboration.


Together, we believe, we create, we grow with our clients, forging strategies that transcend boundaries and ignite success.

Our Creative Founders

MBA and MDM, with a Bachelor's degree in Corporate Communication, responsible for overseeing the operations and growth in Europe and Asia.

BluePrisma: Hector Cabrera
Héctor Cabrera Vilchez

Executive Director

Bachelor's in Audiovisual Communication and UX and UI expert. Responsible for overseeing operations and growth in South America and North America.

BluePrisma: Lorena Gutierrez
Lorena Gutierrez

Executive Director

Our Dreamteam

Daniel Garay

BluePrisma: Daniel Garay

Country Manager Southamerica

Luis Maraví

BluePrisma: Luis Maravi

Country Manager Portugal

Pedro Zavala

BluePrisma: Pedro Zavala

Country Manager Spain

Rafael Acevedo

BluePrisma: Rafael Acevedo

Country Manager Germany

We are your team of growth partners, focused on achieving goals and fostering the growth of your business. Our extensive experience across different countries and the variety of skills make us the perfect fit for your path to success.

Izabela Gładysz

BluePrisma: ​Izabela Gładysz

Country Manager Poland

Pasquale Pescina

BluePrisma: Pasquale Pescina

Country Manager Italy

Amaru Vilches

BluePrisma: Amaru Vilches

Country Manager France

Jaime López

BluePrisma: Jaime Lopez

Country Manager Netherlands

Martin Long

BluePrisma: Martin Long

Country Manager China

Luis Estrada

Country Manager Australia


Country Manager United States


Country Manager Canada

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